Vault Logging Recorder

Vault Logging Recorder

The VAULT™Logging Recorder is the definitive recording solution available today. The VAULT™Logging Recorder is an integrated data collection platform that allows organizations to capture communications and associated data. The VAULT™Logging Recorder is unique because it is a fully integrated solution NOT separate products bolted together. The simplicity in the design provides for high availability, reliability, scalability, and usability.

Vault Logging Recorder: Analog, Digital, and T1/E1

Analog, Digital, and T1/E1 interfaces are supported within the VAULT™ Logging Recorder system. Record activation includes VOX, Contact Closure, Voltage, and D-Channel Events.

Vault Logging Recorder: VoIP InterfacesVoIP interfaces include RTP, Active, SipRec (NG9-1-1), Passive, SCCP and H.323. Most major PBX manufactures are supported. Please contact us if you have a question related to a specific PBX manufacturer.

Vault Logging Recorder: RoIP InterfacesRoIP interfaces include P25—ISSI, Motorola MCC7500 Astro, and SIP based radio capture. Most major radio manufactures supported including Motorola, Airbus, Harris, Zetron, EF Johnson and Avtec.

Vault Logging Recorder: SMS is supported for Next Generation 9-1-1 applicationsSMS is supported for Next Generation 9-1-1 applications. This advanced VAULT™ Logging Recorder system feature will allow users to record and playback the full conversation in real time.

Vault Logging Recorder: Advanced video camera capturingAdvanced video camera capturing with the VAULT™ Logging Recorder system is supported from all IP based cameras and supports flexible frame rate and supports triggering options.

Vault Logging Recorder: QA featureQA feature allows you to create questions, answers, advanced metrics and grading forms which are customizable to fit your needs within the VAULT™ Logging Recording System.

Vault Logging Recorder: The Live SearchThe Live Search VAULT™ Logging Recorder system feature allows for instant access to your data and is capable of displaying calls and other important data in your customizable dashboard.

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