Enterprise Call Recording for Public Safety

The Next Generation VAULT™ Enterprise Call Recording for Public Safety
The Next Generation VAULT™ Enterprise Call Recording for Public Safety

The Next Generation VAULT™ Enterprise Call Recording for Public Safety is the definitive recording solution available today.  The VAULT™ Logging Recorder is an integrated data collection platform that allows organizations to capture communications and associated data. The VAULT™ Logging Recorder is unique because it is a fully integrated solution NOT separate products bolted together. The simplicity in the design provides for high availability, reliability, scalability, and usability.

Analog, Digital, and T1/E1 interfaces are supported within the VAULT™ Logging Recorder system. Record activation includes VOX, Contact Closure, Voltage, and D-Channel Events.

VoIP interfaces include RTP, Active, SipRec (NG9-1-1), Passive, SCCP and H.323. Most major PBX manufactures are supported. Please contact us if you have a question related to a specific PBX manufacturer.

RoIP interfaces include P25—ISSI, Motorola MCC7500 Astro, and SIP based radio capture. Most major radio manufactures supported including Motorola, Airbus, Harris, Zetron, EF Johnson and Avtec.

SMS is supported for Next Generation 9-1-1 applications. This advanced VAULT™ Logging Recorder system feature will allow users to record and playback the full conversation in real time.


Multiple Call Search Criteria Enhanced QA Granular Security
Desktop Screen Capture 3rd Party Integrations Audit Trail
Dynamic Note Capture Advanced User Management Feature Rich GUI

Manage Liability and Risk

Most Institutions can benefit from interaction recordings to reduce their liability and mitigate risk. VAULT™ voice recordings and screen capture create an electronic trail to monitor the customer interaction thus providing complete documentation of any transaction and a 360 view of how your Agents interact with your customers.

Regulatory Compliance

VAULT™ is designed to meet industry compliance standards for both voice and data recording. All VAULT™ recordings are stored in an encrypted format, preserving the original recording without an ability to edit. All recordings within the system can be accessed with permission-based criteria through the use of granular security profiles, and can be restricted from playback, access or email. Unauthorized access is logged and a detailed call log is present with each call to identify any events or interactions with the secure recording.

Dispute Resolution

Many times, agents deal with controversy.  Accurate information is critical to set a timeline of events, in order to reconstruct a situation.  VAULT™ provides that timeline of events by storing and sorting recorded information through a variety of criteria.  Agents or supervisors can search the VAULT™ database by client number, client telephone number, time, date and just about any other criteria to retrieve the recordings.  Once assembled, the information can be displayed by time and date and played back to recreate the event. Upon playback, VAULT™ plays the voice recording while displaying the screens that were captured during the call, plus any agent or supervisor notes that were taken during the call. Supervisors can also highlight sections of the recordings and annotate notes so that in the process of reconstructing the event, playback can jump directly to the section in question, thus reducing time to locate and replay specific events.

When normally facing controversy, especially with payment transactions, Using VAULT™, each call is automatically recorded in a 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption which ensures each original conversation is stored securely and cannot be altered.  The encryption permits these conversations to be used in the event of litigation.

Data Protection and Security

Synergon understands the need to keep sensitive data safe and secure. We also understand the importance of complying with local, state and federal regulations. To meet these needs, Synergon has implemented system level and administrative security roles and   access, incorporated into 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption, along with complete audit trails of all events within VAULT™. To further enhance our security, VAULT™ digitally stamps all call signatures to ensure that no call can be tampered with.

On-demand Recording

Proof is often necessary to mediate and resolve customer disputes. Having access to detailed call recordings and desktop screen capture data provides the verifiable facts you need to quickly mediate and resolve disputes. VAULT™ provides flexible options for recording calls that enable Collection Agencies to meet their specific needs. Some agencies record all calls, while others record calls on demand.  Through our simple user interface recordings can be initiated with a few mouse clicks, plus the agent can annotate recordings with comments on-demand.

VAULT™ Quality

Monitoring the quality of agent interactions helps to maintain an agency’s service level to its expected standards. VAULT™ is key in maintaining a positive customer experience, assisting the agent in difficult situations and helps mitigate litigation risk. VAULT™ permits agencies to maintain a high agent performance quality without sacrificing time or resources. A quality management system provides an effective way to evaluate agent adherence to established procedures and maximize agent productivity.  As a fully integrated solution, VAULT™ enables supervisors to evaluate agents as they listen to their interactions. VAULT™provides supervisors a complete picture of the call transaction including voice and screen shots from the agent call. Monitoring and evaluating agent behavior enables improvement through training and coaching ensuring that agents adhere to procedures, protocol and compliance.

Quality Reporting

Synergon and our network of value added resale professionals work with our customers to design best-practice performance management processes. VAULT™ quality performance reports help managers to spot emerging trends at group and individual collector levels. The quality assurance tool enables users to find top performers and use their recordings for collector coaching and training. Supervisors can identify individuals in need of coaching, and know specifically what the individual collectors need to do to improve. VAULT™ our agent evaluation module, equips supervisors with the knowledge to help them better understand agent strengths and weaknesses, fostering better performance, measured in terms of increased customer commitments to repay and of debts collected, as well as improved agent self-empowerment and morale.

Screen and Voice Capture

VAULT™ provides both screen and voice capture. Our unique ability to capture both simultaneously helps piece together any incident that may need to be reviewed. Communication Center Supervisors can see the full picture of how a scenario unfolded, whether it is through miscommunication, input error or validation of correct procedures. Department managers can easily review their employee’s actions and use VAULT™ as a training tool to better response times or change procedures.

Add Notes to Playback

VAULT™ provides a reviewer notes function when playing back recordings. This feature is handy with annotating information that is critical to patient care of dispute resolution. During playback, VAULT™ allows the reviewer to skip directly to the section where notes are annotated, while also playing the voice and screen detail.

Scalable and Easy to Deploy

VAULT™ is a scalable solution that runs on a single server in Institution. Built using Microsoft Silverlight technology, VAULT™ is scalable to record from five simultaneous conversations and screens, to thousands without major upgrades. Our technology allows the deployment of VAULT™ in the smallest of applications and grow as needs progress and budgets become available. Our Sales experts will assist you in planning out the system where the most benefit can initially be obtained. We also work with your IT department to coordinate implementation and integration to the specific systems that will need recording. Implementation times take between two to four weeks depending upon the complexity and size of the VAULT™ system deployed.

Easy Search Capabilities

VAULT™ makes it easy to review a conversation. Whether it is instantaneous feedback or to review an incident that occurred previously. Through our search engine, a wide range of criteria including telephone extension, time and/or day, Caller ID, Call ID, Employee or other data, can be used to search and access recordings.

It’s Not What It Does, It’s How It’s Used

VAULT™ has many standard recording capabilities. What separates us from the competition is how VAULT™ is deployed. Our network of experienced recording professionals will design a solution that meets your needs.  We will work with you to map out a plan that meets your needs while considering the parameters of your budget.

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